About CLA

Portraits by Todd Sherman

The College of Liberal Arts at UAF is the academic home to the arts, humanities, languages and social sciences. These classic academic categories get even more interesting as they are subdivided into the  18 departments  of our college. These departments each have their own faculty members and staff but many of the faculty teach in multiple disciplines and are often engaged in scholarly activity outside of their home department. We are a highly-qualified bunch of rule-breakers who aren’t afraid to work outside of “the box’.

CLA has a reputation among our alumni for being the place where they felt accepted just as they were. So what if you like to wear black lipstick? Or play your trumpet till you can’t lift your arms, or like the feeling of dirt under your finger nails. We like weird. Want to blend in while you learn? We dig that too. That may seem odd to you but the people that make CLA the epicenter of UAF creativity are the kind of people that you’ll find to be genuinely interesting and interested in you.

If you aren’t sure if a liberal arts degree is for you check out what some of our alumni have had to say about us and the  value of their degree.

The unique construction of our college, our small town size and departmental proximity allows for limitless collaboration between the 18 disciplines.   With  over 40 undergraduate degree programs  your college experience can be as unique as you are.

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